Small Volume Capability

We are an industry leader with our ability to accomodate any size order and customer.  Whether you are in need of one panel or a hundred per order, we are happy to work with you to fulfill your needs.

Custom Design & Color Options

Again, we lead the industry in options for colors, textures, finishes, and patterns when considering structural composite panels.  You can choose from our stock selections or we can develop a new option perfect for you.

Contract Engineering & Design

We have an engineering and design team on hand that can assist at any capacity needed.  Whether you need input to finish the design on your end or are looking to have us complete the entire design in-house, we can accomodate any request. 

Parts Distribution and Sourcing

We offer much more than composite panels.  As part of our Certified Builder Program, you gain access to a full offering of parts and components to help you build your product.  We can also source new items needed to put the finishing touches on your design.


Labor Savings = Increased Profits

The INTELLI-CORE panel construction method will greatly reduce the amount of labor required to build your product.  Less labor requirements equals increased output, lower cost per unit, and increased profits!

Lightweight & Waterproof

INTELLI-CORE panels are lighter than traditional construction methods, allowing for increased payloads and usability.  The same construction that makes it lightweight makes it waterproof as well.  Literally pressure wash the interior without fear of rot, mold, or decay.

Maximize Insulation

INTELLI-CORE panels can be utilized to create a high performing insulated structure.  Whether you are trying to keep the cold out or cold in, you can create a highly efficient structure requiring less energy to accomplish the task.


An INTELLI-CORE panel in essence is a structural I beam.  Not only can the panel recipes be developed for impressive weight carrying capability but also high impact strength and compression resistance.  There are many dials to turn to create the perfect panel for your application. 

No Rot, Mold, Mildew

INTELLI-CORE panels are constructed using non-organic matierials that are fused together to create a durable and long lasting product.  Rot, mold, mildew, and corrosion are  eliminated.  The panels will look like new years down the road while also maintaining their perfomance. 

Easy to Repair

Damage is easily repaired with common fiberglass repair methods and at a significant cost reduction compared to other construction methods.  Painting of the panels is quickly and easily accomplished to finish a repair and gives the ability to change the color of the product whenever warranted.


Control at your Fingertips

INTELLI-CORE is leading the way in technology on all fronts. Control your product from a variety of keypads or directly from your smartphone.  With abilities to run lights, RGBs, motors, pumps, etc, the layouts and options are limitless.

Automotive Style Wire Harness

Trailer wiring may be the number one quality issue in the industry today. We solve this problem by utilizing a full production wire harness similar to what is found in your car. We can help you develop a harness to work in your product complete with a fully detailed wire schematic so you and your customer know where every inch of wire goes. 

Parts and Accessories

Our full menu of parts and accessories will help you put the finishing touches to your design.  We offer custom aluminum extrusions, door kits, windows, adhesives, electrical components, LED lights, door latches, custom cabinetry, and the list goes on.  Inquire today about your needs.  

Composite Cabinetry

We manufacture custom cabinetry built from a PVC material to reduce weight and eliminate the potential for rot, swelling, and delamination.  We have numerous options in regard to texture, finish and color.  We are also the first in the USA to offer laminate PVC cabinets suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.  

Dual Pane Windows

INTELLI-CORE offers dual-pane RV style windows with a dark tint to keep out the sun. These windows are insulated for efficiency and built for the rigors of the road. This window system is complete with a shade, a screen, and tilt-out features for maximum convenience and operation in all conditions.


Utilize our CORE Rail track along with our ever expanding list of accessories to give complete modularity and customization capability to your customers.  The track can be fastened or adhered to the interior or exterior of your product and allow for quick and easy mounting and removal of tools, accessories, and components. 

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