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Modern construction methods incorporating INTELLI-CORE composite panels and assembly via structural adhesives results in a better way to build a trailer that will last for the long haul. This is a product of innovation and engineering which is paired with an understanding that the consumer requires a product that can be trusted and depended on for years to come. INTELLI-CORE works directly with OEMs and businesses to help create better products for their innovations and long-term success. There are three levels of support offered: Composite Panel Sales, Certified Builder Program, and Contract Manufacturing.

Composite Panel Sales

Many surfaced materials made of organic materials are prone to oxidation, rot, mildew, and mold. Having a waterproof solution that offers a great deal of strength and durability is simplified with an extremely lightweight INTELLI-CORE panel to substitute the conventional product catalog. As an OEM, you can purchase our panels to use in your production.ore. We offer router work to cut panels to your specs and design for an additional fee.

Certified Builder Program

Our product is very different from our competitors, which is why we decided to help train and teach our clients the best way for it to be used. We created our Certified Builder Program to share our engineering and manufacturing knowledge with companies that want use them for their own product lines. Click on the button to go to Our Services to review our PRODUCT OVERVIEW and SCOPE GUIDELINES.

Contract Manufacturing

The INTELLI-CORE products and systems are unique to our brand. Rather than try and “re-create the wheel” many of our parnters have hired us to manufacture not only the parts necessary to build thier product, but to build the entire product for them. In order to know what option best will meet you and your company’s needs continue on to Our Services page to learn more!


INTELLI-CORE products are designed and engineered specifically for your application.  We construct and develop turnkey solutions with our broad range of features and options to fit your custom needs.  


Superior Customer Service

We believe that the best way to create a great product is to keep our focus on our clients’ needs and wants. We are always open to hearing from our customers whether you have a question for us or feedback on a product.

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