Structural Composite Panels

FRP Panels

INTELLI-CORE Structural Composite Panels are designed, manufactured, and CNC cut to your specific requirements.  Panel construction reduces labor, improves aesthestics, increases product value, and is easily repaired.  Contact us to dial in the panel recipe that suits your needs!  

Fiberglass Skins

Utilizing fiberglass skins gives the look and feel you desire, durability, UV stability, and ease of repair when required.  Numerous options exist in regard to color, finish, texture, thickness, and type of fiberglass.  We can even incoporate a printed veil within the glass such as a woodgrain or camo to create realistic and unique looks while maintaining the attributes of the composite panel.

CORE Materials and Inserts

We offer a variety of core materials and can source new ones if your product requires it.  Common materials include high density EPS or XPS and polypropylene honeycomb.  We can manufacture multi-core panels to maximize beam strength, compressive strength, and insulative properties.  We can also incoporate structure within the panel for screw backers or wireways.  


PVC Material

All of our cabinet offerings are comprised of PVC material.  This non-organic material results in a lighter weight and waterproof product that will not mold, rot, or mildew and stand the test of time.  Standard material comes in a white or grey look and the surface can be glossy, sanded, or incorporate an embossed woodgrain to suit your needs.

Laminate Options

Take the aesthetics of your design to the max by incorporating the endless options available with high quality laminates.  From woods to stones, gloss to matte, the look and feel you are searching for can be dialed in to perfection.  The PVC boards are easily edgebanded to put the finishing touches on your design.

High Quality Hardware

Utilizing top of the line hardware and components from Blum, Southco, and more, the functionality is guaranteed to work.  Handle solutions range from modern and sleek to heavy duty and industrial.  Slide options include standard drawer slides to spring latching and lock in/out capability.  

Parts and Accessories

Electrical Components

We are uniquely positioned to support your electrical needs.  We can help you with:

  • Wire harness design
  • Lithium battery power design
  • Solar charging system design
  • Complete unit control with custom keypads and phone app (on/off switching, RGB, and motor control)
  • Component supply including LED lights, harnesses, connectors, etc

Components and Hardware

Utilize our expertise in sourcing to purchase components needed for your construction.  We offer aluminum extrusions, adhesives, fasteners, acrylic windows w/screen and shade, and much more.  Contact us for your specific needs.


The proprietary CORE Rail design is a unique feature to incorporate into your product.  CORE Rail itself serves multiple purposes to temporarily attach accessories and components as well as function as a solid anchor point for fastening when needed.  Utilize the modularity of product to change out accessories, systems, and components for any outing.

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